Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Leather Infantry Helmet

A few of the things I've been working on:  Completed infantry helmets, belly box,
and belt carriage

The panels prepared.  I found that significant wetting and stretching was required to fit. 
My estimation is that, with the headband and selvage on the leather, about 2 add'l inches
must be accounted for above head size.

The helmet sewn and turned rightside out. I wetted the helmet prior to turning
and stretched it out for two days, allowing it to dry thoroughly.

Interior suspension whip-stitched and tied.  This is more substantial that the typical
linen headband in period hats and keeps the helmet up off the crown,
as in a modern webbing or padding system.

Adding the rear flap.  Start at the center...I didn't and now its a bit crooked!

As you can see the finished interior also incorporates a sweat band
and the turned under portion of the rear flap, significantly reducing the interior circumference.

The finished cap.  I took the "liberty" of adding a black hemp tassel to the crown, as in the Newport Light Infantry Cap, and the black ostrich plume, which can be seen in a period British cartoon of an American Light Infantry Officer.


  1. Superb craftsmanship! A very iconic headgear too.

    1. Thanks...but I had to take it apart a time or two before I got to the finished product!