Thursday, April 14, 2016

Battle of Guilford Courthouse (2016)

Retreat of the Virginia Militia (Greensboro Times) 

Again, it seems I'm posting weeks after the fact.  I suppose heading out to Battersea in Petersburg this weekend is an impetus, since I will have more to write about following that. We fell in with the 7th Virginia (Portraying Virginia Militia).   The recreated 7th is a great family-oriented mainstream unit from the Tidewater, Northern Va. and Northern Neck Area.  We'll be joining them again at Battersea this weekend as it seems the First Virginia (our normal home) will not be coming south.

A sorry-looking, passal of hayseed Virginians. 
We're supposed to stop Cornwallis with this?
Well, apparently Greene thought a lot of the Virginians that
Jefferson and Von Steuben sent south from
the training camps around Richmond and Chesterfield.

 Mike Cecere, the unit leader recently published another book in 2012 "Wedded to My Sword", about Harry Lee, available here.  I've read a few of Mike's other publications and they are excellently drawn from original sources.  As I mentioned, we portrayed Virginia Militia and as luck would have it I happened to meet a terrific young guy by the name of Matt Thompson.  He has an excellent Queen's American Rifles jacket made by Stuart Lilly.

Matt Thompson in the Stewart Lilly jacket.  Nice work.

 Why is this so important?  Aside from the fact that Stewart Lilly's reproductions are phenomenal, several friends and I are looking to develop a southern branch of the QAR Light Infantry and Matt and his nephew were interested.  At least not everyone in the unit will be pushing 40!

The Virginia Militia waits on Conrwallis' advance.

Bert Puckett and the Dragoons return from a flanking bit of sword and pistol play.

Erick Nason and the South Carolinians fall back under pressure from the Guards.

Disrupting the Guards' advance.

Advancing the Brigade of Guards against the Virginia First Line

My Virginia Militia impression.

Brigade of Guards at the Cornwallis Monument dedication.

Carl Ivar et Compagnie at the dedication.

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