Thursday, October 6, 2016

Endview Plantation, Yorktown 1781

A section of Queen's Rangers.  This was the first time a few of us stepped out in this impression.
 Rather well appointed, if I do say so myself.

This was my first event as an "acting-Corporal" in the Queen's American Rangers (Simcoe's Rangers for you Turn fans), platooning with a mess from the Queen's Own Loyal Virginia Regiment and the Light Company from the 40th.  The event was well-hosted by the 2nd Virginia Regiment (Continental), who portrayed Light Infantry and Washington's Life Guard.

The author in full campaign kit, as described in Simcoe's Military Journal.

This all started at Guilford last spring, when I met up with a few young fellows who liked the idea of putting together a QAR impression and falling in with the QOLVR at Endview.  Thus came weeks of sewing jackets, making government sets of accoutrements and fashioning the leather helmets (more on that next time).

Drilling with the 40th.

German jaegers advance to the lines with their amusette.

We engaged in numerous camp activities such as guard mount, foraging, working details to improve the redoubt, build fascines and abatis, led by our Sergeant, Travis Shaw.

Improving the glacis and redoubt.

The picquet, dodging rifle shots from the rebel lines.

A little urchin gamboling on the redoubt.

Foraging for Paw-paw.  Some of us added the sweet fruit to our morning oats.

Additionally there were camp sutlers, laundries and even an accurate field kitchen as is described in Lochee's "Castrementation".

Building the firebox in the kitchen.

A gentleman volunteer from the QOLVR tends the fire box.

Waiting on oats and salt pork.

The camp of the Crown Forces' light infantry.

The author sewing up some blanket roll straps.

Recumbent rangers.

We engaged in drill during the day and when the drum roll sounded, deployed into the redoubt to repel the French and Continental Light Infantry's assault.

Continental Artillery softening up our lines.

Though their sideboxes were almost empty,
the Royal Artillery was able to answer round for round...for a time

The Light Infantry advances under a covering fire.

Advancing through the abatis.

The final assault up the redoubt.

Sadly for the Crown forces, the redoubt was taken by escalade.

The Crown forces withdraw from the redoubt.

A great event, with great people.  We learned a lot regarding light infantry drill, building fire boxes, and hopefully attracted some new recruits to the QAR.


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    1. It was! Hadn't been there in 15 years. Well planned, great people, and a real dedication to authenticity. The 2d Virga did a great job as hosts.