Monday, October 1, 2012

Mount Vernon Colonial Faire, 2012

Continental Dragoon and First Virginia private soldiers

                 The Mount Vernon Colonial Faire was a great event again this year and much cooler.
One of the many potters
     The event hosted several potters, joiners, tin smiths, musicians, weavers, and tailors.  I wish I had taken more photos and picked up business cards.  Too busy with our camplife and tactical demonstrations.

Portable Joiner's Bench:  Need to make one of these...
    I did spend a lot of time talking to the joiners and woodworkers.  It is amazing what can be accomplished with hand tools.  I've tried my hand at this and little by little am forging my replicas.  Hard to find 18th c hand tools at the antique shops.

Shaving Horse:  Need one of these too...

Serving the battalion gun
Mending equipment in camp

The Serjeant and the Quartermaster's Tent

Private Soldiers' tents

Private O'Brien constructing gabions for 2013 Battle of Gloucester Point
This WAS NOT our first attempt.


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