Thursday, October 11, 2012

Voice of the Shuttle

Weavers.  Diderot's Encyclopedia.

      Voice of the Shuttle is a search tool on the open internet similar to those that universities have to search archives not readily available to the general public (i.e. JSTOR).  It searches what is called the "hidden web"-archives, statistical data, and regular websites that aren't normally going to show up on your Google or Bing Search.

     You can find it here:  Voice of the Shuttle

I did a search on Jefferson, in order to find an e-collection of his papers.  I am trying to find certain letters from Von Steuben and Greene in 1780-81.

This is what I found:  Revolutionary America to 1791

Enjoy browsing.  I found an excellent site with primary sources from the Mohawk and Cherry Valley,  Drums Along the Mohawk,  describing the 1779 fight to hold the New York Frontier.  Good reading.


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