Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Progressing on the Queen's American Ranger Jacket: Collar

The Pungo Mess at Sully Plantation
Moving on to the collar of the jacket, you will want to cut two of the pieces about 1/2 in longer on the long edge that will fix to the neckline.  More on that later.

Whipstitch catching only half the fabric's thickness.

Exterior of the collar.  No stitches visible.

Interior of the collar.  Now would be the time to tack on some interfacing.

Place the longer of the short ends together and sew using a whip stitch with no seam allowance.  Catch about half the thickness of the broadcloth, so your stitches are only visible on one side.

Then pin the smaller of the two collars to the neckline with the two edges (collar and neckline) facing upward.  Sew to the neckline using a back stitch and 1/4 in seam allowance.

Now pin on the upper collar (longer of the two) to the lower collar. 

After pinning on the outside of the collar, roll the edge and pin the interior to the neckline.
Exterior showing pinning and topstitching along the collar's edge.

 Sew using a straight stitch (at least 6-8 stitches/in.)

Now fold the top collar over the bottom collar and pin.  You should now see the reason for one collar being slightly larger than the other.  It has to travel a bit further over the neckline to allow it to lay properly. Whip stitch the upper collar to the neckline.

The two collars pinned.

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